Hi, I’m Barbara, owner of Republic of Tech; welcome to our website! We listen to your needs and offer unique solutions for you and your business. We are responsive, thorough and professional. You deserve no less! Republic has clients in some of the most beautiful places in the country and we feel fortunate to be a mobile business model so we can provide great service in different areas! We love our minimalist and vegan lifestyle, values that flow over into how we run our business and treat the world around us. Thank you for visiting.



When do you think about your IT needs? What is your plan? When do you upgrade hardware? How do you maintain legacy applications or when is it time to develop a new process. If you have a hardware failure, how do you recover from it? How long before you are up and running again? We would like to have these conversations with you.


It's all about the data.  Where it is it? How do I keep it safe? How do I access it? Does it fit my business and operation? What are best practices? My industry standards? Compliance? What is the most cost effective solution for my business? Let us help you navigate this sometimes overwhelming task. 


What's out there? How can we keep up with Technology, what fits for us and how do we get there? Where do we even start? How will it scale for us? We have already taken the time to test solutions for businesses like yours, customization that fits your needs and processes.



I discovered Republic after having a total system failure and having not one, but all of my power sources to go out one by one, and then the hard drives started to go. Frustrated, I found Republic of Tech. Since that time, they have upgraded and configured our systems to be more efficient and reliable. They have added such things as backups, network upgrades, and setup and configured a spare system for us in case we need a replacement during business hours.  They have worked overnight, early mornings, weekends and holidays to make sure that I am able to do business. I run a particular Point Of Sale program that they have learned inside and out so that they can easily troubleshoot and help with many issues.

They have also helped me by building a mobile friendly website. This may not sound like much, but our previous site could not be accessed on a mobile device, so it was basically useless.

Republic of Tech is only a phone call away when you need something. They will offer you ways to help your service and reliability as well as ways to help your business grow. I have had so many great experiences with these guys it's hard to put them all down. If you want someone you can trust, knows what they are doing and who are invested in you, then I would say these are the people you want to use. Thank you, Republic for always going above and beyond for us and always having our back!--

Liz , The Liquor Store

Montrose, Colorado

We have been using Republic for 3 years now. We have both MACs and Windows machines and servers, which has posed a problem for some of our IT people in the past. Republic is extremely knowledgeable with both MACs and PCs. In addition, their customer service is aboveboard, and they are extremely easy to talk to (I don't always speak "IT language" well). I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT help for their business or home. 

Lorrie, Controller

Telluride, Colorado

The HQ office of Telluride Sotheby's International Realty has been using Republic for almost 2 years now and we couldn't be happier with their services. They are always quick to respond to our calls for help and can easily remote into our computers to fix issues immediately. I recently needed to upgrade my laptop: a daunting task for me. We gave Republic a price point and literally they did the rest. They researched and chose a great laptop for me and my needs, remotely backed up my current machine, and sent me my new laptop that had all my files, programs and email accounts set up and ready to use. I couldn't believe how seamless the transition was! Good IT service is hard to find in this area and we are so happy we have Republic on board. 

Liz, Telluride Sothebys

Telluride, Colorado

I am going through a lifestyle change and purchased an Airstream trailer that needs to be set up for my remote working situation. Republic walked me through each step of the process of installing reliable, effective computer equipment so there is no disruption to my work flow. They are astoundingly knowledgeable and I trust their recommendations. Barbara is customer service oriented and assists with all aspects of recommendations and installation instructions. Oh, and did I mention patient and friendly? Because I'm sorry - who hasn't encountered rude IT folks? That does not happen with Republic of Tech. I have not been talked down to or made to feel stupid because I myself, am NOT a techie. They are dedicated and will work until you are satisfied with the outcome of your system installation, work, etc. I highly recommend this team for all your IT system needs. 


Austin, TX

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